50 Shades of Nude

The term “nude” has long been a troublesome shade for women. In the most basic sense, nude is not so much a color, but a lack of visible color. When worn, it’s supposed to blend in instead of stand out. However, the lack of diversity in shade has presented a number of problems for women of color and anyone out of mainstream “beige”. The fashion industry has often embraced a one-size-fits-all approach to nude. If it’s labeled “nude”, in other words, it must work for everybody, but anyone with a skin shade other than alabaster (myself included) often finds that nudes are too light or too dark, or too pink or yellow for them to wear as intended.

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Love List: May 2015

There are some products you instantly fall in love with (and have to tell everyone about!) Whether it’s a fab pair of heels or a life saving beauty product, there always seems to be something new in the list of the latest and greatest. My recommended products this month are a classic pumps {re-imagined}, the one beauty product you need to invest in above all else, and a statement clutch worth the price tag.

glam list may

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Pinterest Perfect Wedding

Second to Christmas, wedding season is my favorite time of year.┬áSince the dawn of the Pinterest wedding inspiration board, many a woman has cataloged all of their beloved one-day wedding treasures into artsy boards to reference when the time comes. This weekend’s weeding was like walking directly into a Pinterest dream board.

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Trend Edit: Black Mesh

Black mesh is having a moment. A big moment. From the runway to new in-stores collections, it’s popping up everywhere. Black mesh is the ultimate combo of cool, edgy and sexy. From full mesh pieces, mesh cutouts or accents, it has become a prominent detail of many of the most popular pieces this season. (If you need any more convincing, check out Sara Sampaio in my all-time favorite Nicholas dress.)

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From a Pretty Face to an Angel


They’re the most iconic women on the planet. They coined “the sexiest night on television” and carry a brand which sells something “ordinary”, and morphed it into a transformative luxury. The Victoria’s Secret Angels are the face of VS. And one of these went through a pretty drastic change in the past year. She cut her hair.

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