Agency Or In-House?


“Do I want to work at an agency or in-house?”

Confused on where you want to go? Take heart, we’ve all pretty much asked this question. It plagues almost every public relations practitioner at some point, especially those young in their careers or those looking to make a mid-career transition. While there are definitely benefits to both, it’s important to consider holistically what each offers as a professional and as a person.

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#BossBabe Roundup: BABESKILLS


It’s no secret that fashion and lifestyle bloggers have changed the way we do brand marketing. I recently caught up with one such Chicago-based blogger Erika Karl, of BABESKILLS. She shares her journey to becoming a #BossBabe, her biggest successes, and offers advice to up-and-coming bloggers below.

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5 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Job For Something New


This post originally appeared on PR Couture.

A Linkedin study reports that millennials will change jobs about four times before turning 32, so a bit of career hopping is in the cards for most of us. Whether you’re leaving on good terms with your former company, or seeking out a healthier work environment, it’s important to treat your exit strategy with as much focus as your job search. After all, you never want to burn a bridge in your haste for something new.

Make sure you complete these five final tasks to ensure your career and reputation head in a positive direction.

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See Costa Rica Like a Local

san jose

Headed to Costa Rica for your next vacation? No surprise there. It (IMHO) is one of the most beautiful and welcoming places in the world. From stunning beaches, tropical dry and rain forests, cloud forests, waterfalls and hot springs, Costa Rica sports some of the most bio-diverse and rich land in the entire world. But there is so much more to Costa Rica than travelling in a bus from one place to the next. Want to see Costa Rica like a local? Read on for tips from my travels there to ensure you maximize your time abroad.

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Beaches for every kind of traveller


All the recent snow has me day dreaming of sun and counting down the days until I see the beach again {8}. Who I’m travelling with, if anyone, has a great deal to do with what kind of trip I’m going on, and even influences where I go and what I’ll do. If you’re planning a trip for this year, but are getting stuck for ideas, see my recommendations below for the best beaches for every kind of warm-weather trip and tourist:

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