Nordstrom NSale 2017


The Annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale “NSale” Is Off To A Rough Start

I write this as I place my 11th call to customer service. No seriously. (Plus 2 tweets if we’re being honest.) It’s that time–the annual NSale from Nordstrom is here. After weeks, nay, a month of hype, promotion, sneak peeks, catalog drops, and digital ads, the site and app have both gone down not 12 hours into the sale. Thousands of angry shoppers stormed Twitter to voice their angst and I am one of them.

“But It’s Just Stuff!”

So let’s just clear something up, right now, up front. Yes, it’s just stuff. And it’s not the point. Nordstrom is a mega brand famed for their customer service. This sale happens every year. And with the same disastrous beginning. How can a brand that gets so much right, get this one massive thing wrong year after year? And before some egg on twitter starts out “Accctualllyyy, it’s about bandwidth lol”. Don’t even start with me. You can factor in site loads. You can staff extra developers. You can have more customer service people. You can even create a call queue so that your consumers don’t have to keep calling back. You can create contingency plans knowing that this is a recurring issue.

It’s not about the stuff. It’s about the inconvenience. It’s about the service. It’s about the fact that bloggers have been hired to build traffic, interest, hype and a loyal fan base to mobilize into purchasing, but now have to apologize on behalf of the brands that hired them for something they don’t control. It’s about a brand that has built its reputation on the ability to deliver, and then doesn’t.

Meet The Real MVP of the NSale

So I’m trying to problem solve on my end, because yeah, I’d still like the “stuff”. I’ve called my closest store location (about ~2 hours away) to see if they have in-stock what I’ve been trying to order. While she couldn’t make any promises, she said she would check into every item and see if they could track them down in-store (because as it turns out, their in-store ordering system is down too). She told me she’d need about an hour, but called back in under 5 minutes. So at the very least, Erica from King of Prussia, it’s nice to know you’re still executing on brand values.


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