Are Influencers Ruining Instagram?

“Not another product post. Please, for the love.”

This is what goes through my head when I’m scrolling through Instagram lately. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the ads. The ads are interesting, highly-targeted, and show me things I might actually be interested in (thank you, marketers). I might be one of the few people who is obsessed with ads, but hey, no apologies. What has been grating on me are influencer posts promoting every product under the sun.

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#BossBabe Roundup: CommuniKait

Kait Hanson

If combining PR with Hawaii living sounds like a dream, this post is for you! I recently chatted with with former Central PA native turned  Hawaii resident Kait Hanson, of CommuniKait. She has been featured in outlets such as POPSUGAR, The Today Show, and Style Me Pretty, and talks about the challenges of freelancing, advice for bloggers, and the best part of living in Hawaii . She also has the cutest chocolate labs on the islands in my opinion.

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Are You(Tube) Talking To Me?


While YouTube is not a new platform for me, it isn’t one that I use often personally. Most of the people I followed on YouTube have integrated Instagram videos into their online activity, which I prefer. Nevertheless, to the ‘Tube I went in search of new social media content and to do a bit of research for an upcoming project.

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Welcome Kinda, Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love knows it has a reputation. As the 2017 NFL Draft arrives at the Ben Franklin Parkway, Philly fans also know they have some amends to make. And they’re sorry, kinda. Enter possibly the greatest tongue-in-cheek humor marketing campaign of the decade, “Welcome Kinda“. From apologies for running over an opposing team’s corn hole game (oops!) to “accidentally” spilling drinks on fans from other teams (our bad, really!), Welcome Kinda embraces and exemplifies the fervor and ferocity that Philly fans exude.

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