Nordstrom NSale 2017


The Annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale “NSale” Is Off To A Rough Start

I write this as I place my 11th call to customer service. No seriously. (Plus 2 tweets if we’re being honest.) It’s that time–the annual NSale from Nordstrom is here. After weeks, nay, a month of hype, promotion, sneak peeks, catalog drops, and digital ads, the site and app have both gone down not 12 hours into the sale. Thousands of angry shoppers stormed Twitter to voice their angst and I am one of them.

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Out of Stock and Out of Touch

I love designer collaborations. They offer the same design look and feel pieces at prices that normal, non-celebrity humans can afford. In theory, they’re the answer to a budget conscious fashion fiend. But in reality, what I actually think they have become is a stark disappointment, and not because they don’t offer value or match expectations. In fact the opposite. They are so promoted and over-marketed, so publicly touted in the eyes of consumers, that when launch day comes , or in many cases, launch hour, the collection is sold out across the world and online before the majority of customers can get to the store or on the site.

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NYFW and Race: We Have A Problem


I’ll be the first to say that I love New York Fashion Week. Twice per year [more if you count international shows and previews], we catch a glimpse into the possibilities for the upcoming season. From colors and patterns, to daring cuts and mastery in tailoring, we get to see the best in business arrive and show us that the best is still ahead.

But much like a parent to their rebel child, we need to have a talk.

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Summer Makeup Staples

nars lip pencil mini pack

Summer brings the strangest weather. I feel like all it has done is rain for six weeks, and then out of nowhere, sun! Not that I’m complaining. However, the air in my apartment has been broken for two days so it’s been a balmy 85 degrees indoors. Hell-o hot. All of that to say, it’s been hard to find a summer look that I love that withstand the ever-changing weather. BUT, through all of this, I’ve found a few summer staples that have survived this series of tests, and wanted to share them with you!

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Knock off the knock-offs


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”…or is it?

A knockoff or the original…do the fashion ecommerce stores even know? (Taylor Swift’s Balmain/Nasty Gal jumpsuit anyone?) As long as there have been couture fashion houses, high-prized pieces of art and one of a kind creations, there have been replicas, “inspired by” pieces, forgeries and fakes.

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