Information About Sponsorships And Other Disclaimers

As I would advise any of my clients, I want to be fully transparent about how Iconoglam runs. Below are some questions I get often, and some information I think you should know.

Affiliate Programs

Iconoglam is a part of affiliate programs. By clicking and/or purchasing anything through certain links, I may make a commission.

Sponsored Content

Iconoglam does occasionally participate in sponsored content and posts. If a post or any other content is sponsored, it will be visibly noted in the text. If it does not have a call-out, it is not a sponsored post. A gifted item will be noted by a “brought to you by” before the body of the post. A media discount will be noted by a “m/d”. All opinions are my own and reflect Iconoglam as a brand, regardless of sponsorship. Want to work with Rachel or Iconoglam? To send information or request a media kit, please feel free to contact us!


Iconoglam does not run Google AdWords on the site or offer 3rd party side bar ads at this time. If you’re interested in partnering with Rachel or Iconoglam, we’d love to have a conversation about the opportunities above.


I respect your privacy. I, or anyone affiliated with Iconoglam, will never share or sell your personal information, including your email address. If you ever have questions about this, please reach out!