About Iconoglam

IconoGlam is a blog born out of an obsession of travel, public relations, and how trends move. Not afraid to critique the glamorous and trendy, ready to embrace the new and exciting, and always looking for how what we wear impacts what we do. I talk a lot about the world of marketing, PR, and advertising but my side love {fine, obsession} is travel. I’ve travelled in and around Central America and the Caribbean extensively for the last decade. Looking for budget travel hacks in Costa Rica? I’ve got them. Want a great lunch spot in Cuba? I know one. Have a topic you’d like to see covered? Send me a tweet (@vandernickr) or reach out on Instagram (@iconoglam).

{About the Author- Rachel V.}

Hello! I’m Rachel Vandernick.

I’m a public relations and social media professional by day, and blogger, shoe hoarder and traveller by {secondary} occupation. I’m sharing my love of PR and various lifestyle and travel topics from the North Eastern USA. I love trying new products, eating new food, travelling, aerial yoga, and observing how the PR industry moves.

Quick Facts and Highlights:

  • Completing my Master’s in Public Relations at Georgetown (also have my undergrad in PR). Am definitely obsessed with our mascot, Georgetown Jack #HoyaSaxa
  • Have freelanced for 5+ years, specializing in social media and digital strategy
  • Worked with partners to serve clients in industries ranging from government and defense contracting, fitness franchises, boutique PR firms, energy and natural gas lobbying, drug rehab, and fashion.
  • Certifications from Google (in analytics), Market Motive (social media/SEO), and Hubspot (inbound marketing)

I’ll try to keep the cat references to a minimum {but probably won’t succeed}.

Thanks for visiting! Xx